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Set Its Eyes on the Throne of Spanish Olives

24 March 2020

Innovative olive brand Sosero, produces marinated, grilled and stuffed olives. The brand is competing with Spain that has a say in this area in the world.


Presenting many local products starting from cheese at Peynirci Baba brand breakfast supermarkets, Yöre Group collects attention with its recent investments and innovative activities in olives. With its 8 million lira investment in Peyba Olive Factory in Gemlik, Yöre Group produces grilled olives and various types of stuffed olives for the domestic market and export under Sosero brand.


Ali Keskin, Yöre Group Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “The entire process from collecting olive from trees to its flavoring, from packaging to transportation, is conducted in Gemlik and the world now prefers Turkish olive as much as the Spanish olive.”

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