The Gemlik Olive Factory, which started to produce olive products in Gemlik in 1996 and has moved into new production facilities in 2010, has a 7,500 m2 open and 6,500 m2 indoor area and is located on the Yalova Road in Gemlik, Bursa. Black olives, green olives, pickles and breakfast gourmet varieties are produced in the facility through local workforce.

Olives picked from Gemlik, Iznik, Mudanya and Orhangazi regions are brought to the storage facilities in Marzim, which has a 2 thousand tons of capacity, for ripening, then they are processed at Gemlik Olive Factory and become ready for sale. The annual production capacity of the Factory is 10,000 tons. All the olive products offered for sale at Peynirci Baba Shops are produced in the Gemlik Olive and Pickle Factory, in which every process is monitored carefully.

Gemlik Olive and Pickle Products Factory:
Yalova Road, Umurbey Neighborhood, 71st St. No: 60 Gemlik/BURSA
Tel: 0224 514 94 84
Fax: 0224 514 93 00

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