Established in Çanakkale in 2010, the Dairy Products Factory is located in Gallipoli and has been operating with 5,000 m2 of open area and 2,500 m2 of indoor area. The products of the factory are made of milk obtained from animals raised in free-circulating open-air natural shelters in pasturelands in the forest that has wonderful plant flora on the Gallipoli Peninsula. The products of the Çanakkale Dairy Products Factory are; white cheese, fresh kashar cheese, kashar cheese of Thrace region, string cheese, cheese of Mihalic, plaited cheese and other local/regional cheeses. The annual milk processing capacity of the Çanakkale Dairy Products Factory is 35,000 tons. All cheese varieties with Yöre brand, which is offered for sale at Peynirci Baba Shops, are produced in the Çanakkale Dairy Products Factory and take its place in store shelves.

Çanakkale Dairy Products Plant:
Beşyol Village, Harmanaltı Neighborhood, Eceabat/Çanakkale
Tel: 0286 834 71 05
Fax: 0286 834 72 90

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